Sunday, December 11, 2016

Joyce's Innovation - Fried Egg with Acar @ Best Western Premier La Grande Hotel [Bandung]

I dislike hotel breakfast and those who have been following my travel itineraries in this blog would realise that the 'standard package' doesn't really go beyond toast and omelette. 

In my most recent trip (to Bandung), things have changed slightly; of course, i must admit that the breakfast served in Best Western Premier La Grande hotel was indeed one of the better ones but there's another reason. 

This special fried egg with toppings that didn't come from the egg station! Joyce, given her years of experience as a mother, had innovated and added ingredients she thought would improve the rather plain fried egg. 

She literally "stole" the acar that's supposedly for the rice, went to another section where there were numerous sauces and helped herself to the sweet yet spicy onion soy sauce! Nevertheless, i love it so much; i had multiple helpings over the next few days! 


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