Saturday, October 15, 2016

Burock Roti John Beef @ Yishun Block 101 [Opposite the Famous Singapore Pools Branch in Chong Pang]

A couple of weeks ago, i was on my way to Chong Pang market to buy bananas (to bake banana cake) and walked past this kopitiam that is renowned for their Chinese style nasi lemak.

Generally, i wouldn't give the rest of the stalls in the coffee shop a second look and this particular "walkthrough" shouldn't deviate from the norm except that the aroma of a sizzling roti john on a griddle had that automatic magnetic draw to it. 

I made a mental note to visit and since my house is so near to Chong Pang, it didn't take me long before i stepped into the coffee shop for dinner!  

With just two types of roti john, i was quick in making my decision; beef definitely. I did notice that the stall is called Burock and has another branch in Bedok; you can even engage them as live stations for your events.

I can be a visual bitch sometimes and was ecstatic with the roti john placed on the table; for one, i can see the desirable crisp surrounding the oily loaf with a charred top and there was generous yet without appearing to be excessive amount of chilli and mayo!

My memory went back to the days when Changi Airport Terminal 1 staff canteen had that one epic roti john stall that disappeared and for the longest time ever, i wasn't pleased with any other until burock came into picture.

Enhancing the experience was the special concoction of mushroom and onion sauce smeared thickly in the middle of the pan fried loaf! 

Some might grumble that the roti itself was a bit too flat even though i beg to differ; a flattened loaf will result in a crunchier bite that is compact yet with an extra advantage in intensifying the overall flavour.  

I woofed it down in a jiffy with no help from anyone! To be frank, the changi airport one was oilier and tastier and it's the truth that Burock's version could have a thicker layer of omelette with more beef. Nevertheless, it's a second best that shall warrant a revisit in the near future! 


Block 101, Yishun Avenue 5,
Swee Sian Yuen Eating House,
Singapore 760101

As above (red star). Block 102 is the building with the Singapore Pool shop that has quite a number of TOTO winners. 701A is the place where i had the Bei Sheng Seafood (sibling shop of Taste of Thailand).


As above

Roti John Beef - S$5.00

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