Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lau Goh Teochew Carrot Cake Chye Thow Kway (老吴菜头粿) - Order by Pointing @ Zion Riverside Hawker Centre [Singapore]

Photos of celebrities posing with the owner, accolades from notable sources and numerous news articles proudly made up the frontage of this stall at Zion Road food centre; sufficient reasons for me to give it a try!

Now, ordering from this stall differs from other hawkers - the husband and wife team is hearing impaired and mute but fret not; just point to your choice from the three pictures on the counter, point again to the value you want and finally point to the chilli & either nod or shake your head. Not difficult at all!

Given that my knowledge of sign language is non-existent, i couldn't have my usual special order of extra black sauce and for the carrot cake to be diced more finely. Hence, i decided to go with the black and white carrot cake with eggs at a minimal of S$5.

Did you notice anything different from the shape of the chopped up carrot cake? They didn't seem to have that regular rectangular shape and each one appeared mashed (flattened); lacking the solid texture until you are lucky enough to bite into the cai po (preserved radish)!

Black version had always been preferred over the white one and this was flavourful enough although i couldn't resist picking the crispy bits that were more charred!

Honestly, for a plate of Asian carrot cake that i didn't have to specify my special requirements, this was seriously good and rightfully so given the culmination of the husband's experience earned over the past few decades. Even though i had misgivings on the mashed texture, it actually allowed for a more consistent flavour that was relatively addictive towards the end.


70, Zion Rd, Stall No 26,
Zion Riverside Food Centre,
Singapore 247792 (Near Great World City)

As above

Operating / Business Hours
Refer to the above (self explanatory) as it is cumbersome for me to type them all out with a risk of getting them wrong.

Mixed Black and White - Starting from S$5
Black Carrot Cake - Starting from S$4
White Carrot Cake - Starting from S$4

Additional Information
The stall doesn't use pork or lard in its cooking! 

Other Stalls within the Food Centre
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