Tuesday, July 19, 2016

World War 2 Air Raid Shelter @ Dusit Zoo [Bangkok]

Should i be surprised to see an air raid shelter in a middle of the zoo? Apparently not as Dusit Zoo has been around for more three quarters of a century and this is not even counting the period when it was a royal garden!

I am curious enough to see what's it all about! In the past, such historical structures intrigued me but as i mature and step into the reality of working life, i crave more for the relaxation that comes with overseas vacation.

Okay, it's a lie; i just needed a place to cool myself down. Why why why did i allow Alex to persuade me to visit the zoo in that bloody, insanely hot weather?!

The shelter wasn't lighted and i stopped for a moment to toggle the control on my control so that the flash would activate with each shot. Oh, please be assured that i didn't capture any paranormal images; luck has not been on my side recently. 

Hm...................... That's it. I was under the impression the shelter served the public and hence, would be larger in capacity. From the look of it, it would be hard to squeeze in more than 50 persons in this tiny space. To be fair, there could have been other air raid shelters nearby and they might already have been demolished.

I turned back for a second shot and got the hell of a shock to see life sized statues of a huddled-up family; honestly, my pee almost came out! Alex had a good laugh as i am usually the one teasing him for his lack of guts! 

Those interested to know more about World War 2 in Thailand can consider checking out the photo exhibition in the same attraction. As Singapore was treated worse than Thailand in the war, i didn't bother and instead, ventured out for more animal sightings. 


Dusit Zoo, Bangkok, 


  1. The title says the location is in Singapore...

    1. OMG!!!! Thanks so much for informing me!! I have changed it to correct place!

  2. Hi!
    Saw that you mentioned about Sapola at T21, is the products there generally cheaper than Singapore?

    1. Hallo! It was cheaper than Singapore; i was only interested in diffuser series and for that, it was about 20% cheaper i think.


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