Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Joyce's Birthday 2016

I was thrown to be the videographer for Jovyn's birthday and that means i didn't take any photograph to commemorate her 5th year of birth! Whatever the case, i am not going to miss the next family's birthday; that of my elder sister, Joyce.

Now that i have my own convention oven, it makes perfect sense for us to bake a birthday cake although my skill at the moment is still limited to cake mix and preferably, cupcake style. Introducing to you red velvet cupcakes with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles! 

Here's the birthday girl with her two kids and our mum. 

People have commented that as Jovyn grows older, she bears an uncanny resemblance to her mum. This differs from her younger days when she seemed to look more like my younger sister when she was a toddler.

Let the 4-version singing begin! Look at the direction of Jovyn's eyes when we reached almost the end of the happy birthday medley; no prize for guessing what she was going to do next! 

She had to kill steal by blowing the candle before the official birthday gal could do so! Gosh, when is she going to outgrow that?! Jerald had already come to terms that only the birthday boy / girl has the privilege to blow the candle(s).

They had a good, hearty laugh though! haha

The candle was relighted so that my sister could have the time to make her wish! The brat was still eyeing the candle with enthusiasm and couldn't resist grinning! 

Well, at least both brats waited for a split second before joining their mum to blow out the candle. In their haste, i can literally see their saliva spitting out onto the cupcakes! 

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