Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Cup Rice & Noodle - Healthy Korean Goodness @ Selegie's PoMo Mall [Singapore]

Green colour can be extremely therapeutic for the eyes but when it comes to looking for a place where i can indulge in a good meal, the same colour tends to result in a reduced appetite as the presumption is that the food would likely be too healthy for my liking.

That's my sentiment when i stepped into The Cup SG although the appearance of a primate plushie soothed me somewhat; i have to give face to my own kind. Nevertheless, i was keen to check out The Cup as it's rare for me to step into a new establishment nowadays. 

For those who are still wondering on the cuisine that's served at The Cup SG, it's Korean and the eatery was fairly a new entrant in the food industry; starting operation in October 2015. 

Setting was simple yet comfortable and the range offered was comprehensive from rice to noodle, soup, snack, salad and even the recent food fad; bingsu. 

It didn't take me long for me to decide as i always follow the chef's recommendation; in this case, the bibimbap that had a "best!!!" label next to it. For my two friends, things were a lot harder as they had existing allergies. 

That's when one of the staff came over and boy were we were touched by his willingness to replace ingredients my friends were sensitive from! In many places, the chance is rocket high that they would say no. 

Dakgangjeong Salad
Knowing my friends couldn't take spicy food, the dressing was replaced with honey mustard and teriyaki sauce! No complaint about the dressing even though the best compliment was reserved for the fresh and juicy chicken. 

This small serving was for me to try out and according to the same gentleman, it differed from your typical kimchi with less of an ammonia taste; there was indeed some differences. Sadly, they were sour for me and i guess i would very much prefer "normal" kimchi

Mine! At that point, i could find no relevance to the name of the shop. Initially thinking that food would be served in a cup (which means i would ingest much lesser), i was obviously disappointed to receive a bowl instead.

If you have had lunch with me in a Korean restaurant, you might have noticed i steered clear from seaweed soup. However, this small bowl that accompanied my main course totally changed my opinion with its rich intensity of pure seaweed that was simply beyond my shallow expectation; it was only later that i heard that no MSG was used in The Cup.

Back to my bibimbap - nothing special about the appearance; one look and you know it is the signature Korean mixed rice with one slight variation. The grain used for The Cup is gardenia seed rice; said to be heavy in nutritional benefits! 

More information on the benefits is listed on the placecards on each table! I have kindly taken a picture for your ease of reference. 

Once mixed (subject to the skill of individual), the taste was evenly distributed and i must say it was tasty and would be considered as comfort food for me if stress hits me! Extra credit to the beef which was sweet and apparently the result of a marination i had never heard of; that of the green kiwi! 

Comfort food = Licked-clean bowl. The next time i visit, i shall bring my parents who are into healthy fare and always complaining my diet is too hazardous for health. 


1, Selegie Road, #01-05,
PoMo Mall, Singapore 188306

Facebook Page

Order List
As above

Dakgangjeong Salad - S$8.90
Bibimbap - S$9.90
(Subject to GST only)

Additional Information
Takeaways are available in the form of paper cups; mystery of the brand name is finally resolved (i think). If you are adventurous enough, go for their corn silk tea. 

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