Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Love Locks @ Asiatique The Riverfront [Bangkok]

There are numerous ways for a traveller to spend their money in a foreign country and i am personally susceptible to a few of them except for one; the fascination with love locks! 

While many such "installations" are normally placed at high levels or over a body of water (by that, i seriously meant river) where a loving couple can throw the lock's keys away from sight, contributing in litter no doubt, this one at Asiatique night market plays it differently. 

On ground level, in the middle of the night market, at an area decorated like a Western-styled garden. And it was popular with the metal grilles heavy with the love locks! An idea came to mind - i should consider renting a place in Singapore's Botanic Gardens / Gardens by the Bay and do the same thing! 

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