Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Finally, Candy Crush Saga Last Level (At Least Until An Update Comes Along) & My Strategies

I wasn't sure when i downloaded the game Candy Crush onto my phone but i am certain it was after i resigned from Agency of Integrated Care; which puts me under the category of 'late starter'.

Fast forward to a few years later and i finally got to the last level as of 10 May 2016; level 1685! From what i gathered, i shared the spot with only one friend. As mentioned often in period dramas, the top position can be relatively lonely...

The above was the gameplay for level 1685 and it wasn't that difficult to clear. 

What would your mind be experiencing when you clear the level and receive the above message? For me, it's a big relief as i can finally watch the dramas / movies using my phone apps when i transit from home to office and vice versa. 

Friends have asked how i managed to advance so fast even though they start way earlier than me and i always replied with a question "did you actively spin the daily booster wheel?". When the need arises (for example, you are short of just that one last gel), the special candies you got via the booster wheel can determine your fate. 

I also noticed that once i reach a certain level, i no longer need to ask friends for map pieces or clear special stages to go up to the next map. That saves a lot of time too! 

The other major strategy i adopt is the candy drops; unlike the daily booster wheel, it's based on a staggered accumulation of candy drops and would dispense random special candies upon reaching the magical numbers of 24, 60, 84, 120 and 180! 

Once you reach 180, the candy drop function would cease until eight hours later. I would actually do my best to clear the 180 drops when i travel to work and once that's done, i can go for another 180 drops on my way home from work! Being professional, i don't play during working time okay! 

You can also go back to previous levels; some of which have been designated as candy drop levels. If you are lucky as i was, i managed to clear 50 drops in one single level! For your benefit, i am sharing the levels with potentially higher candy drop and they are 1476, 1168, 1003, 932, 906, 666 (my favourite), 665 and 654.

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