Thursday, March 17, 2016

Golden Lava Mini Croissant from BreadTalk

BreadTalk has in the news recently for the wrong reasons that had dented consumer confidence although personally, they don't really affect me. Hence, i didn't hesitate to open up the breadtalk-branded box when my colleague said she purchased some goodies for us.

I was expecting BreakTalk's signature floss bun yet the items staring right at me were small little croissants that appeared plain. Croissants in general don't appeal to me unless they came with rich sweet fillings or generously sprinkled with almond flakes.

These were obviously not your normal croissants (if not, that colleague would not have bothered buying any for us to indulge in); golden lava croissants that have taken Singapore by storm judging from the many photos on social media! So how did the ones from BreakTalk fare?

This was my second piece with off-centred salted egg sauce that didn't flow out as in the case for lava-named food products like lava cake! However, my first piece was a different story - the lava literally burst out and it was the delicious yet sinful goodness of salted egg yolk that many would agree with. For better taste, do give the croissants a light toast! 


Where To Buy Them
Selected BreadTalk Outlets.
Click here to check out which outlets. 

Only S$1 a piece; bulk discounts available. Photograph is taken from my cousin who couldn't wait to buy some! Haha. 

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