Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Twenty Grammes Cafe's Waffles @ 753 North Bridge Road [Near Sultan Mosque]

I might have an instagram account but i don't go frenzy over the popular social media app by checking out pictures posted by others. 

It was therefore a head of question marks when a friend commented that the charcoal waffle from Twenty Grammes cafe was the most instagrammable. 

Now, i have a great distrust for food reviews by people i don't know and always maintained that without trying the food, it's mere hearsay. The same goes for photographs; there are just too many filters nowadays to enhance the pictures and visual appeal can only do so much to placate the taste buds.

Now coming back to the cafe, we chose the right time to visit at 4.30pm and there were ample seats to choose from in the quaint little place. 

Serving staff was patient, friendly; having to endure our indecisiveness when faced with delicious ice cream flavours like root beer, triple chocolate, rum and raisin etc!

Instead of numbers, we were assigned a letter instead; which brings to mind that numbers can be almost infinite when the alphabet has only 26 letters. C'mon, the business has to be bigger than that!

While waiting for the aroma of waffles to thicken, please help yourself to the cutlery and the lemon water! I am not a big fan of coffee in Western cafes and it's always appreciated whenever i see a pot of iced water that customers can take without additional charge. 

Another picture showcasing the decor in the cafe although my main aim is to highlight a non-conformity to fire safety regulations; the manual call point for fire alarm should not be blocked. 

TG Waffle w Double Scoop 
Note: unlike the charcoal waffle, this belgian waffle was indicated on the menu with a "thumbs-up" symbol. Topping the waffle were one scoop of triple c and one scoop of affogato. 

Fluffy without the preferred crispiness; the taste was just normal. What impressed us more were the two scoops of ice cream! Triple C was similar to Ben & Jerry triple chocolate added with chocolate caramel while Affogato thankfully didn't taste too heavy of coffee (a boon for me and a bane for many others). 

Charcoal Waffle w One Scoop
Eating in recent times is no longer just about the taste; it's the experience that comprises of atmosphere, interior design, plating and the use of 'personal action' for inclusiveness. 

Just like what we did above; such an action gave the perception we diners had a hand in the making of the dish and hence, notching a few points in the category of satisfaction.

It was a pretty picture alright; just in case you are wondering what the ice cream is; it was salted caramel which was tasty with a subtle saltiness. 

Personally, i feel that the salted egg sauce can be eliminated; i took a sip of the sauce and it was nothing like salted egg. Instead, it tasted weirdly like a watered down version of MacDonald's curry sauce! 

Texture of the charcoal waffle fell under my preferred type; crispy and i really enjoyed the supposed "plainness" of charcoal powder which didn't overwhelm like conventional buttery waffles. If you ask me, the ice creams in Twenty Grammes were much better than their waffles! 


753 North Bridge Road
[Near Sultan Mosque]

As above.

Operation Hours
Sundays to Thursdays - 12pm to 10pm
Fridays to Saturdays - 12pm to 1am

As above

TG Waffle (2 Scoops of Ice Cream) - S$12.50
Charcoal Waffle (1 Scoop of Ice Cream) - S$12.00
[NO GST and NO Service Charge]

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