Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Samyang Super Spicy Instant Noodles (Halal) - Eat The Ramen At Your Own Risk!

The rumoured world's spiciest ramen has taken the social media by storm and i couldn't resist forking out more than S$7 for a pack recently at a Korean supermarket in Marina Square! 

It took me a while to finally get started as i was fearful of its spiciness and hoped to get the "support" of my younger sister in case i could not endure more than a slurp. 

Inside one packet was your usual stuff; the hardened noodles and two satchels of condiments; one of which would be the main star, for better or for worse. 

We followed the directions most intimately after my failed attempt for the instant Tteokbokki; 600 ml of boiling water for five minutes! 

Under conventional instant dry noodles guidelines, we are supposed to drain all the water and then put in the condiments for that concluding mix. Not here; you are required to scoop back about 8 spoonfuls of water! 

Tear open the packet of hot chilli paste and then stir-fry for 30 seconds! By stir-frying, i don't mean you have to take out a separate pan; use the same vessel and a pair of chopsticks to continue the procedure.

Last step: add the flakes, stir well and serve! It was a bit too wet and of course, the look could have been improved by adding some meat. Mental note: can cut down the water to about 6 spoonfuls and include a few valley chef sausages.

Verdict: this was insanely hot for spicy ramen and left an unbearable numb on my tongue! I should have listened to Alex's friend and added about half the chilli paste! Nevertheless, the experience was shiok with pearls of hot sweat running down my head and face! 


Where to Buy It
Most Korean supermarkets in Singapore

How Much?
I think it was about S$7.50 for a pack of 5. 

Additional Information
It's Halal certified, my Muslim friends!


  1. Sir where did you buy it?

    1. I bough mine from the korean supermarkets in Singapore; if i remember correctly, this was bought at Marina Square. :)


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