Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Take on the Pomelo Fruit in Guangxi Province @ China

In my recent exploration of the Chinese New Year bazaar at Chinatown, i got to know that Shatian in Guangxi province was a placed famed for their pomelo and this reminded me of my trip to China last October

It was mealtime at Lipu before we took on Silver Cave and many people were crowding around this fruit stall right outside the restaurant. Shen Fei, our guide, had previously advised on the fruits that Guangxi was famous for and pomelo was one of them. 

You know what? Shen Fei specially bought one pomelo for us to share among ourselves! It's extremely nice of him even though most people would think it as a gimmick that only foolish Singaporeans would believe.

Nevertheless, i never say no to free food! 

Frankly, there was nothing exceptional about the pomelo as far as taste is concerned; to be fair, the meat peeled easily off the skin although that factor was hardly enough to sway my review.


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