Saturday, December 05, 2015

Snail On the Toilet Bowl!?!?!

I was all ready to let it go as i dashed into the washroom but i did notice a tiny dark speck on the toilet bowl that i initially attributed to a hard-to-clean stain.

 The seat cover was about to go down when i decided to spare a few microseconds to wipe away the 'stain' using a piece of toilet paper. I was glad i did as that 'speck' was no stain and i took a closer look upon realising its hard texture over the paper!

Holy shit! How did this snail manage to get to the toilet bowl!? Up the sewage pipe?! I hope not as this would obviously freak me out given the many stories of snakes creeping up to the apartments using sewage pipes! 

A close up look of the snail - mystery isn't solved by the way.


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