Thursday, December 31, 2015

Portico Restaurant @ 991B Alexandra Road (Opposite Alexandra Retail Centre & PSA Building)

Nothing's better than to end the year filled with food indulgences even though i am specifically referring to an entry in this blog rather than in reality as my visit to Portico was in fact earlier this month. 

This came on the back of a strong recommendation by Ms Tan who is way more into fine dining than me; i am a cheapo when it comes to food and always feels that food in restaurants has to be good for the price they charge! 

Lighting condition wasn't optimal for my amateur photography skill but i guess you can see from the photographs that the concept of the store wasn't to squeeze in as many diners as possible for a higher profit-per-square-feet ratio and i had a hard time eavesdropping the conversation at the next table.

Farmed Mushroom 3 Grain Risotto 
A must order for mushroom lovers, this was so delicious; i almost considered putting a chopper to the chef's neck so that he can pass me the recipe! 

The risotto was tastefully flavoured with the alluring essence of mushrooms and it gave a forceful punch that i have yet to encounter! For the price of S$28 a plate, it's well worth its value! 

Confit of Chicken
Nothing to scream about and i very much preferred duck instead of chicken.

Having indicated the above, i absolutely adored dipping a piece of the chicken in the lovely maple scented sweet potato puree and packaged it with the braised purple cabbage (tasted just like the tempting Sauerkraut)! 

Pulau Ubin Sea Bass Fish N Chips
Alex claimed to be the guru of fish and chips and i bet he has never had anything like this. Put it this way, just the freshness itself can be hard to attain as Portico sourced the fish directly from a kelong off the local Ubin Island! 

Aside from the totally juicy fried fish, i could not keep my fork off the apple wardorf salad. Guess i should really have attempted the chopper threat on the chef! 

Grilled Pork Sausage
Soft and tender was the pork sausage and i would not give any exceptional credit for the taste which was enhanced more by the mustard. However, i was taken by surprise by the texture of the bacon; it was cooked just right without being too hard for my teeth to chew through. 

Truffle Fries
After the article on The Straits Times that truffle oil isn't real truffles, i guess it has somewhat diminished the novelty of truffle fries. Nevertheless, the fries were as irresistible as they should be. 

Opera Delice 
This was on the house as one of our orders was forgotten! Instead of one serving to be shared among the five of us, the friendly waitress (Angie) was kind enough to offer us two! So sweet of her! 

It's a pity that i didn't enjoy them as much as my four female companions! My definition of desserts includes an important criterion for sweetness and this was overall more sourish, more bitter than sweet. 


991B, Alexandra Road, #01-10,

Operation Hours
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Call 62767337

As above.


As above

Farmed Mushroom 3 Grain Risotto - S$28.00 
Confit of Chicken - S$28.00
Pulau Ubin Sea Bass Fish N Chips - S$28.00
Grilled Pork Sausage - S$9.00
Truffle Fries - S$15.00
Opera Delice - Complimentary
(Subject to Service Charge and GST)

Additional Information
Desserts section is available for those who insisted on having desserts after their meals. 

I would also like to express our appreciation to this particular waitress by the name of Angie who was cheerful, friendly and funny throughout our meal. Needless to say, she made it extremely memorable with her wonderful service. 

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