Friday, October 23, 2015

The Cold Pantry & Its Charcoal Vanilla Softserve Ice Cream @ Rangoon Road [Near Farrer Park MRT Station]

It's time to indulge in desserts after a wonderful meal at Tendon Ginza Itsuki

My friend thought of the cold pantry which was near to Woodshed even though i have never noticed its existence!  Thankfully for us, it was open since most cafes tend to rest on Mondays. 

The place wasn't big (there were additional seating at the back for about 12 persons) but maybe because most people were nursing the Monday blues, there were only two groups of customers, including us. 

Chanced upon this quote after we made our order - "Life is like a bowl of ice cream. It melts very quickly. So enjoy it while it lasts." I think the quote-giver might have forgotten that life has its sourness, its bitterness and its saltiness although we should always treat it sweetly so that we feel better! 

Chocolate Root Beer Waffles
In all honesty, the presentation reminded me of something rather disgusting in nature even though i would not want to elaborate further. And it takes 15 minutes to prepare. 

Set in a perfect twirl, the dark colour can be off-putting to some but it might comfort those detractors to know that it was essentially vanilla ice cream with charcoal essence. 

Drizzled with homemade root beer sauce (please, please teach me the recipe) which added a nice, fizzy touch, the ice cream was smooth and creamy like most soft serves yet with a strong vanilla punch! Notice the cookie right underneath the ice cream? It has two noble purposes; to act as a flat surface to straighten the ice cream and to allow it to stay longer in that shape! 

We were warned at the counter that the "waffles" had a cake-like texture unlike conventional ones and i was glad she mentioned it as this kind of waffles generally doesn't appeal to me! 

Nevertheless, it's a must to order the cafe's top seller and it wasn't as bad as expected; freshly baked to a crisp, it had a subtle hint of chocolate flavour with a spongy texture. By the way, the charcoal vanilla ice cream looked like cement in the above photo!

Frizzy Root Beer Float
Featuring the same charcoal vanilla ice cream, it could translate into a scenario which shall not be named! It was yummy albeit with a slight disappointment; the root beer came from the normal can of A&W root beer which i could purchase for S$9.75 for 24 cans in the recent supermarket promotion.


131 Rangoon Road, 
[Near Farrer Park MRT Station

As above.

Operating Hours
As Above.

As above.

Chocolate Root Beer Waffles - S$12.50
Frizzy Root Beer Float - S$6.00
[Inclusive of GST, No Service Charge]

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