Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sin Ming Roti Prata @ Block 24, Sin Ming Road [Near LTA & Thomson Plaza]

When my sister queried if i have eaten any good roti prata near Thomson Plaza, i replied that there's a famous one along the main road, notable for their crispy kosong pratas. Her response was: "Not that one. The one i had was along the smaller road and it was more popular!"

I wasn't convinced as Louise was less picky when it comes to food and i used my elder-brother-authority to have her brought me to the shop, together with Jerald and Jovyn.

My jaw dropped when i saw the long queue as it was already 10.30am and the neighbourhood (surrounded by auto workshops which usually close for business on Sundays) was actually a quiet estate! 

From the plates placed on the customers' tables, the queue and the number of employees, it's obvious that the roti prata stall was indisputably the anchor tenant in the coffeeshop. 

Aside from the roti pratas, the stall does have other items on the menu. So for your grumbling husband who insists on having noodles, there's mee goreng! 

Random - Jovyn making an ugly face for the camera as she was bored waiting for our turn. This cheeky gal recently pointed her pudgy finger at me and made a serious accusation that i injured her!! I am innocent of course! 

Anyway, here's our order - 4 egg prata and 5 kosong prata.

Mine - 1 egg and 1 kosong prata. On the egg prata, it was burnt on one side and i thought it didn't quite put me on cloud nine as i would have expected even though Louise was quick to clarify the stall was more reputable for the kosong.

Now on the kosong (which means empty) prata - i noticed the dimension was bigger than the competitors and the inside was fluffy with a chewy texture that was both satisfying and tasty. It wasn't as crispy as the one along the main road but the saving grace was that it didn't seem to be oily! 


24 Sin Ming Rd, #01-51, 
Jin Fa Kopitiam

As above. Motorists should consider parking their vehicle at the open air carpark opposite LTA if they could not get a lot at the tiny multi-storey carpark next to the coffee shop.

As above

4 egg prata and 5 kosong prata - S$11

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