Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mom's Birthday 2015

The adults had warned us before but as the rebellious, obstinate kids that we once were, that alert was bullshit until we reached a certain age, which differs from person to person.

That warning was "time flies when you are older". 

It didn't seem that long ago when mom was sporting long, silky black hair with her wrinkle-free face yet we have just in fact celebrated her 61st birthday in the comfort of our home, with a birthday cake from Marble Slab Creamery! 

She and her two precious darlings; Jerald and Jovyn!

The customary birthday song singing with video recording by Joyce; frankly, i think the main bulk of her phone memory is filled with recordings of birthday songs! Must advise her to backup as there were so many memorable moments.

For example, the relentless rush to blow off the candles, even if the birthday girl (my mom that is) was still in the midst of making her wishes! Tsk tsk! 

A photograph of my sister, the kids and mom. Those interested to get an update on both kids would get more this month as it's also the birthday month for Jerald and my dad!

Oh, on the vanilla ice cream cake; in my opinion, i get the feeling of having a few tubs of vanilla ice cream mixed into a heart shaped and then sprinkled with toppings. That's fundamentally not a cake!!! The kids like it though. =_=!!!

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