Sunday, August 09, 2015

The Barat Restaurant - Smacking Good BBQ Seafood @ The Barat Perhentian [Perhentian Island Besar]

On the very first night at Perhentian Islands, i was already regretting my decision to have signed up for the full board package as there were two restaurants outside of Perhentian Island Resort that i would love to try out if not my full tummy. 

However, the craving proved too hard to resist and i decided to forgo my buffet dinner for the BBQ aroma enticing me the day before!

The Barat Restaurant was actually the resident dining outlet for The Barat Perhentian Beach Resort; which might not have attracted much attention for me except for one notable piece of visual evidence; the entire place was completely packed at night on day one!

Alas, we arrived too early at 6.15pm and the barbecuing section would not be ready for another 45 minutes! I would have to make a judgment call here as i was insanely famished after all the snorkelling.

Opted to wait but we needed to feed the tummy; the ala carte menu was still available for ordering and we requested for a bowl of mushroom soup. Personally, i thought this tasted similar to the commonly available Campbells soup can! Tsk, cheaper for me to purchase it at the mart and bring it to boil myself.

This coconut was blessed with the sweetest juice ever and soft, easily scraped coconut meat! I was so happy with it i had a second which turned out to have a much tougher meat texture. 

7pm and the charcoal grills were finally fired up! 

You can choose to have the barbecue stuff (namely the fish, prawn, squid, lamb and chicken) on a pay per weight basis or in my case, pick the BBQ combo set (four selections).

Seafood Combo (2-3 persons) @ RM 98 (about S$35) comprising of white rice, squid, prawns and a good sized barramundi; mom would have enjoyed this meal.

Except for the pathetic two prawns (c'mon, we could easily have ten each in one serving and that's in addition to our normal meal), we could absolutely taste the freshness of the seafood! Squid's texture wasn't rubbery and the fish meat was simply smooth and naturally delectable! 


Perhentian Islands, Terengganu State, Malaysia

As above. The route from Perhentian Island Resort was demarcated in blue. 

Food Menu 
As above. Click and save the jpeg as a picture to zoom in for a closer look at the pricing.

Drink Menu
As above. Click and save the jpeg as a picture to zoom in for a closer look at the pricing.

BBQ Menu
As above. Click and save the jpeg as a picture to zoom in for a closer look at the pricing.

Mushroom Soup - RM 8
Coconut - RM 10
Seafood Combo (2-3 persons) - RM 98
[Inclusive of GST]

Additional Information
As with most beach restaurants, it's non-air conditioning seating. :) 

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