Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day 2 at Perhentian Islands - Inclusive of Yet Again Another Snorkeling Session with Perhentian Island Resort!

I wasn't keen on waking up extremely early to catch the sunrise, especially when Perhentian Island Resort was on the western side of Pulau Perhentian Besar! I did, however, had a light breakfast before venturing out to the resort's private beach.

Had to take a picture of this butterfly that didn't appear to be in a hurry to fly away. Maybe something was wrong with its wings but i am no insect expert.

Pulau Perhentian Kecil (meaning small in Malay) in front of us, just a short distance away. The smaller island of the Perhentian cluster was in fact more popular with youngsters and had cheaper accommodation (to target the backpackers).

Not-our-usual building at Perhentian Island Resort; from the look of it, it seemed to be another type of accommodation although i couldn't be sure. Bet it didn't have a television set within too. 

Playing with the microscope feature on the Olympus TG-3 underwater camera while waiting for the inclusive snorkeling session to start at 10am; think the above was a dubia cockroach.

Do you know i make it a point to pluck my facial hair on the upper lip using a pair of tweezers? Nowadays, i have evolved to pay a bit of money for threading instead as i dislike shaving! Aside from the likelihood of razor burn, i believe it can contribute to this condition known as 胡青 in Chinese.

Time to start our second snorkeling session with the resort! Weather for the few days i was at Perhentian Islands was perfect and i managed to get a tan that remained to this day! 

Clear, turquoise water right outside Coral View Island Resort - those who have been following my blog closely should realise this was the same place where i had a fantastic snorkeling experience! Click here to read more. 

Three places were covered in this morning snorkeling; Shark Point (no shark), Teluk Kekek (loads of boulders) and Turtle Watching (finally caught the sight of a live turtle in the nature)! Do click the individual links for more photos.

Towards the end of his one hour massage, i snorkeled at the jetty area where a fellow snorkeler was using a bottle filled with bread to attract the fishes! Surprisingly, Alex didn't attempt to do the same this time; in the Maldives trip earlier this year, he brought along two loaves of bread in the luggage and to quote him "in case bread is really expensive in Maldives". 

Explored the underwater scene outside of Coral View Island Resort and was about to take more pictures when the camera's battery went dry! :( 

The fingers had gotten really wrinkled for more than three hours of continuous snorkeling and i guess the sign from the camera was telling me it's enough.

Given the warm weather, it sounded fitting to be having ice cream right after the buffet lunch! Had a rest for about two hours before we stepped out of our comfortable, air-conditioned room.

More snorkeling outside Coral View Island Resort, equipped with a new battery! I wasn't disappointed as there was so much to see! Click here for the pictures

After a bath, it's time for dinner! As it was our last night at Perhentian, we figured it would be fine to give the buffet dinner a miss and checked out the stretch of food options we chanced upon the previous day. By the way, this is the same pavilion where Alex had his massage. 

Note the reviews and they were all handwritten! 

Panorama of the jetty as taken by the iPhone; that patch of dug out sand, if you notice, was the work of Alex about half an hour ago. 

The area that held so much good snorkeling memories! It's funny when distance appeared to be so constricted when we are under the water; i don' think i have ventured towards the farthest end. 

Accommodation for Coral View Island Resort; my choice should i visit Perhentian Islands again! Alternatively, maybe i should explore the cheaper options available in Pulau Perhentian Kecil. 

A rather simplistic hand-drawn map of the Perhentian Islands! 

Main restaurant for Coral View Island Resort where we had a lousy supper the night before

Find this familiar? Because i have already posted one on day one of the perhentian trip! This was however a brighter version since we dropped by much earlier this time.

You may have your pick at a Chinese restaurant or even a Thai food outlet right next door. Our intended place for dinner was a bit further down. 

BBQ dinner at the Barat Restaurant! Despite the significantly higher pricing, i must say i didn't regret forgoing my buffet dinner for this! Click here for the review.

Rewind a bit before the BBQ set was served to us. Beside The Barat where the Mama's Chalets where there were snorkeling trips to Rawa (not the JB one) and even Redang Island

Locals relaxing by the beach; i can understand why some people prefer to retire at an island where the atmosphere can be so much more idyllic without the comparatively much more stressful life in a city. Maybe i should identify a suitable island to retire to 30 years later. 


For the summarised itinerary of my Perhentian Island trip, click here. 

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