Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Tanjung Basi - Part 2 of the Afternoon Snorkelling Session with Perhentian Island Resort [Perhentian Islands]

I cannot express enough happiness that the next segment of the snorkeling expedition was less than a five-minute speedboat ride away!

The heavy lunch i had an hour ago had taken its toll with a throbbing giddiness that spelled trouble. Nevertheless, it would be better to jump right into the water than to continue staying on the unsteady boat! 

Drawing comparison between Marine Park and Tanjung Basi, it's without question that as far as the underwater scene is concerned, i very much prefer the latter for its portrayal of almost unspoiled, natural beauty.

Worms in the water! Not really; they were the sea cucumbers that mom would absolutely love to get her hands on. In the Chinese food encyclopedia, sea cucumbers are often referred as ginseng of the water. 

Swimming closer to the rocky shoreline, with its shallow water, allowed me to take better photos! 

See the cute, little blue fishes - kind of reminded me of the amazing snorkeling i had at Maldives Rihiveli Beach Resort

Can you spot the clownfish! Maybe i should consider having some contests / giveaways in this blog, like the one i did for Chef Tony's popcorn

Fishes feeding on the ground again. After trying out snorkeling at quite a few locations (in Asia though), you would notice that unlike land animals, the evolution effect was less profound among the sea creatures; remember, Earth's surface is 70% covered by water.

There was an effect on the size though; most of the clams were humongous! I have heard that giant clams make for a delicious meal in some places and i could not wait to try it out...... Must be yummy!

Underwater exploration can be boring, especially for an amateur snorkeler who has to stick to the water surface. Hence, a change in scenery is always welcome. 

Taking a breather as the constant bobbing in the water had almost warranted a "merlion" purge! I admit i have always been one prone to motion sickness but age seems to have exacerbated the ailment!

From a distance, this could have been mistaken for a baby shark; it was almost the length of my arm! I have no idea what's its official name but i think it belongs to the triggerfish family.

As i have always insisted, i am no sea expert; hence the first time i saw the above, the name that came to mind was the hair of Medusa! No idea who she is?! Click here

More photographs for your viewing pleasure as i am a simple person with limited vocabulary. 

My attention was drawn to a vase-like coral on the seabed. In the few trips i was on, i have never been privileged enough to catch sight of it and i were indeed curious! 

Two things stopped in my track - first, the speedboat was about to leave for the last item on the itinerary and two, did you see that aggressive sergeant major fish rushing towards me?!?!!?


Tanjung Basi, Pulau Perhentian Besar,
Trengganu State, Malaysia

Snorkelling Map for the Afternoon Session
As above.

To read more on my recent journey to Perhentian Islands, click here.

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