Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sindy Durians (阿玲山芭榴梿) - The One and Only Place for Mao Shan Wang @ Whampoa Drive [Balestier]

My experiential journey with durians had been relatively peaceful (and unexciting) until my dearest mum decided to indulge me when i was much older (like late 20s) and brought me to a stall known as Sindy along Balestier Road, famed for their top quality durians. 

The man (me, that is), who was then easily pleased by durians that cost 3 for S$20, had a mao shan wang that was so unforgettable; the lower grades of the thorny fruits could no longer satisfy him! 

Sindy has since moved quite a few times and although i tried mao shan wangs from other stalls, none can truly replicate what i had at Sindy. Thanks to the internet, i found the mobile number of the owner and finally got to its latest shop at Block 89, Whampoa Drive!

Outdoor seating for those who prefer to get down to business immediately; dig into the durians! p.s. their proximity to the dual-lane road can be a problem for those concerned with pollution.

I was already informed a few days ago that only the mao shan wang (cat mountain king species) was available and the pricing was about S$22 a kilogram, which was the most expensive i had in this durian season; however, i have never doubted Sindy's standard when it comes to choosing the best quality for their customers!

Using a self made wooden device to stabilise the durian, the staff asked the most important question before choosing your durian; sweet, bitter or a mix of both? 

Once that question has been answered, sometimes with a bit of confusion as a group could have members with differing tastes, the staff would then proceed to smell the unopened durians for one that best meet your criterion (mostly, by smelling) and then strike the knife at its butt. 

No gloves by the way even though they would give the chosen one a customary shave to blunt the thorns. No matter what, don't play play with them; i bet they are skillful in knife management. 

And likely strength too; all the staff used their bare hands to pull the husks apart which were really impressive! Imagine if they utilise the same pair of hands to dislocate your jaw! Euwwwww....

Please be assured they are nice people and you are allowed to have a seed of the opened fruit to ensure they are up to your standard. 

Flat seed and i was once again brought into paradise by the generous custard creaminess of the seed that was both sweet and bitter.  Yummy!

Three durians at S$67 - base on S$22 a kilogram, it would be about three kilograms in total. 

Time to whack the durians! We actually had a full dinner at the nearby Whampoa Hawker Centre before we dropped by Sindy and it was no doubt a bad decision as we had difficulties eating this delicious Southeast Asian delicacy! 

I benefited i guess since i ate the most while my three companions shook their heads and declared defeat once they got to the second fruit. Haha.

Love it, love it, love it! I would have jumped on the couch if there were one! Seeds were generally flat but i regretted not counting how many seeds there were in total! In my virgin visit to Sindy, it was a 1.8 kilogram mao shan wang with close to 20 flat seeds!



Block 89, Whampoa Drive, 
#01-835 (next to Whampoa Makan Place)

As above.


Contact Numbers
+65 9710 2427
+65 9852 4548
+65 9852 4890
(Do call beforehand to avoid disappointment as they do not have specific operating hours)! 

Additional Information
Washing area for your pungent smelling fingers was placed at one corner for your convenience! 

Prefer to eat at home and you don't have time to wait in queue? Purchase a pack of the readily packed durians at S$15 a pack.

For those who have had a hard time understanding / do not understand Singlish, Mandarin or dialects, commonly spoken by durian sellers, do note that Sindy herself speaks good English! 

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