Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jesselton Point - The Place for Ferry Services to the Islands @ Kota Kinabalu [Sabah, East Malaysia]

If you happen to drop by this page because you were searching for price comparison across ferry operators; maybe you should seek an alternative site. 

My intention was more to familiarize myself with the route from the hotel to the ferry terminal located at Jesselton Point and i didn't have sufficient time to check out the ferry prices to the surrounding islands at Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. 

It wasn't difficult to get to the main entrance; just look out for the iconic archway that smelt of century-old wood salvaged from the vessels that sailed the sea in the past.

All the ferry operators were within the red-roofed building after the archway and boy do you have a lot to choose from. No pricing was listed on the glass panels for each booth although i understand they would offer packages which might include multiple island visits, sea sports activities etc.

I was supposed to buy my ferry tickets from the terminal a few days later but the lazy bug in us persuaded us to buy a 2-island day tour from an agency near our hotel instead. 

No beachwear? No worries! There were a number of shops that catered specifically for those going to frolic in the sea and on the sand. 

To hype up its historical significance (it used to be wharf for trading), you may even find the traditional red phone booths even though i am unsure if they were ever in the area since it used to be a British colony just like Singapore.

There were plenty of dining options! Most were closed as we went at about 10am while the area was said to boast a pretty sunset view at its waterfront. 

I was keen to try Nasi Katok; sounded like i am going to be scammed like nobody business but it is in fact one of the national dishes in Brunei!

The ferry terminal which i didn't manage to step in at all.

Yes, i did sign up for a tour package to two islands. However, i boarded the ferry from another harbour which was on the opposite end of the city! 

Nevertheless, I should have checked it out since i was blessed with a lot free time in this trip. It's a pity our dear Alex preferred air-conditioned malls and never-ending rest at the hotel. Furthermore, it can be quite a hot, sweaty walk from where we stayed! 

No excuses for me not to visit at night though; i believe the premise would be teeming with visitors chilling out after a long day at work or a tanning trip at the islands. 

As far as the sunset view is concerned, i am under the impression it might be limited. Another area worth checking out with likely a better view is at the Central Market / Filipino Market. 

Last photo as we made our way to our next destination; the mall where i can finally get a decent SIM card to make overseas calls and have data network!


Location Map
As above (Section C1 of the map)

For the summarised itinerary of the 7 days, 6 nights Kota Kinabalu (Sabah) trip, please click here.

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