Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Starbucks Card in Jeju Island [Korea]

Ms SaNeVa is a huge collector of Starbucks Card; a loyalty membership card that comes in many designs with some unique to specific regions / countries. 

In my recent trip to Korea, she requested my help to get the Jeju card which, as the name suggests, is unavailable anywhere else! I had a hard time finding Starbucks but finally found one right outside Sunrise Peak! 

Here's the Jeju specific Starbucks card! Compared to Angel in Us and Paris Baguette, there are only about five stores in Jeju Island; one of which was supposedly in Jeju International Airport (i must have been blind because i didn't see it at all).

For those interested in the location of the store near Sunrise Peak, kindly refer to the appended map above. Relax at the cafe after you are done with the crater mountain.

For my actual Seoul - Jeju Island itinerary,
click HERE.

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