Sunday, October 12, 2014

River Safari Cruise - Nothing Insightful for a Local Singaporean @ River Safari [Singapore]

With the boat ride for "Wild Amazonia Quest" undergoing a routine annual maintenance, Alex insisted on forking out S$5 a person to try out the river safari cruise although i had the feeling it would be pretty boring! 

You are talking about a short cruise within Upper Seletar Reservoir; an area i am too familiar with as i grew up in the kampong very near to it. Whatever the case, i am a follower so long someone paid for the ticket! 

We were asked to board the boat (that looked like catamara) at pier number 2 in the hot and sunny and humid and sweaty afternoon. As you could have probably guessed, i wasn't too pleased with Alex's suggestion and insistence. 

To look at things with a positive light, the boat was at least sheltered! The reservoir was found to have crocodiles around a decade or two ago; if we are lucky, we might just spot a couple in close proximity! 

Dad was looking terribly relaxed. 

The interior of the boat; the management appeared to take safety very seriously. The number of life jackets on board could probably serve two is to one passenger. 

Start of the journey that i wasn't looking forward to! The guide stationed in front started to talk about the ecosystem of the reservoir, including information that has escaped my memory for now. 

As the boat continued its journey, my attention switched to seeing rather than listening. Taking millions of photographs, no matter what, is my forte.

This building houses kai kai and jia jia, the giant pandas and is probably the largest structure in the entire River Safari. I thought the design could have been improved to make it more integrated with the natural theme of the surrounding.

Nestled right smack in the middle of Singapore Zoo and Night Safari has given River Safari some fringe benefits; one of which is tagging on both attractions to perk up the interest of the passengers. 

Giraffes, rhinoceros were spotted, albeit not as near as we would have wanted. Scenery of the reservoir wasn't spectacular; to be fair, it could have been the early onset of the recent haze. 

Rocket Tower at the other side - climbing up the tower was my favourite childhood activity on weekends! For more pictures of the tower, click here

In addition to showing us real animals along the cruise, it was also necessary to let us "touch"! Here comes the giraffe hair which felt like wire! Okay, that did make me perked up a bit. 

Cruising along the night safari border this time. 

Lasting about fifteen minutes, i am of the impression that it was a total waste of my time (except for the giraffe hair). There was definitely some educational value but i guess it would be better suited for foreigners. Furthermore, this should be included as part of the admission ticket and not priced separately! 

Enjoyed my ride?
Not for me.


Within River Safari

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