Saturday, October 11, 2014

Close Encounter with Inuka the Polar Bear @ River Safari [Singapore]

Nothing's indicated on the attraction map for the above viewing panel right outside the exit of the house of kai kai and jia jia. Given their privileged status, my heart would not miss a beat even if someone told me this was constructed for the black and white giants!

That's when i noticed a white figure swimming towards us; bloody hell, this was the humongous abode for Inuka, "the first polar bear to be born in the tropics"!

I have in fact touched on Frozen Tundra before, when i last visited the Singapore Zoo earlier this year! You may click here for more information. As River Safari is located right next to Singapore Zoo, it does make absolute economic sense to share the attractions! 

Compared to Frozen Tundra, we had a much more intimate encounter with Inuka in River Safari! See how close my dad was even though i am aware the glass separating us from the polar bear was likely to be super duper thick. 

Are you aware that despite their supposedly cute and friendly disposition, a standing polar bear can tower over a full grown human with male adults reaching an average height of 3 metres?

Reading about the size of the paws and actually seeing them for real is simply an eye popping revelation; the paw was almost the size of my dad's head! 

You would have a higher chance to bump into Inuka in the morning as i understood from one of the staff members that it is his routine to swim "laps" before noon; the viewing panel is used as his touch point for the 'turn'. 

Amazing right?! It appeared as if Inuka was diligently training for the 2016 Summer Olympics! Either the aforementioned or he simply has nothing better to do. 

The above gentleman was more in awe of the manhood of Inuka, as his action showed. Please lah, what Inuka has, you have too; size differs though! Wahahaha.

Dad was more mesmerized by the close proximity he had with Inuka. I don't think he has ever been this near to a polar bear before and boy was he excited. 

His lucky star was shining on him that day at River Safari; besides Inuka, he even managed to have squirrel monkeys climbing all over him!  

Like me, these small kids were wondering what the viewing panel was for; unlike me, there were loads of shrieks and cries when Inuka appeared. 




Free but admission tickets to River Safari still apply.

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