Friday, March 14, 2014

Rice & Fries - Desserts Only @ 484 Changi Road [Near Kembangan MRT Station]

It was a much awaited meet up with a friend whom i have not met for close to seven years and it was only right that a filling dim sum meal at Shi Wei Xian was followed up with desserts to catch up on lost time!

Rice & Fries was eventually selected for a singular reason; its proximity to where my friend stays. Like many others, i think the basic assumption is that this place serves fusion (east meets west) food. 

The in-store concept was more cafe-like even though the operator still managed to tease out privacy corners to prevent your "neighbours" from hearing the latest office / celebrities / family gossip. 

As i mentioned, we are going to have desserts and nothing else. Hence, my review would not be comprehensive if you came to this post in search of reviews for the main offerings. 

Root Beer Float
Commanding a price tag of almost S$6, i was expecting something that required a bit more creativity and effort on the restaurant's side. Nonetheless, having to pour the can of root beer myself did allow me to control the milkiness of the eventual root beer float. Which i could also bloody do in the comfort of my own house at a fraction of the cost.

Crème Brûlée
This seldom goes wrong and as far as taste was concerned, there wasn't anything wrong with this one here in Rice & Fries; as with others, it was custardy with a thin, golden layer of burnt sugar. 

The texture was the one i had a very slight issue with; a bit too soft in my opinion, resulting in a watery makeup that didn't quite meet the sturdy cut, similar to good soya beancurd, of a good crème brûlée. Having said that, the portion given was generous!

Half Waffle with Ice Cream
Honestly, this was a great disappointment despite its supposedly tasty looking appearance. Waffle was way too crunchy; definitely overcooked and not to mention it took me some effort to cut it up. Even the New Zealand Natural Macadamia Supreme ice cream, with its ironic unnatural creaminess, failed to redress the dessert. 

To be fair, i did depend heavily on the maple syrup to clean up everything!


484 Changi Road
[Near Kembangan MRT Station]

As above

Root Beer Float - S$5.80
Crème Brûlée - S$8.80
Half Waffle with Ice Cream - S$5.80
[NO GST, NO Service Charge]

Curious to know what else Rice & Fries has to offer? 
Check out the following few menus below. 

And those not on the menu.

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