Sunday, March 02, 2014

Lady M Confections & her Signature Mille Crepes @ Marina Square [Singapore]

Some of my old-time readers might be recall this post back in 2011 when i wrote about this unique mille (i previously thought it was spelled as millie) crepes at Classic Cakes [Sunset Way]

The mille crepes' popularity in the world actually spiked due to the success of a confectionery in New York known as Lady M. And as luck has it, that same confectionery has now opened its very first overseas store right here in Singapore! 

I was a few months late in trying but hey, better late than never right? Furthermore, the initial hype always means a long queue that could be very frustrating when the shop is still working out its local procedures / processes. 

My visit two days ago was the second as i lost quite a number of pictures taken in the first visit due to a faulty SD card. So, do note that all photographs published in this post were taken over two separate visits. 

With over ten cakes to choose from; each of them with an appearance as mouth-watering as the other, we were in fact very focused on what we wanted. The mille crepe of course! 

Signature Mille Crepes
Compared to Classic Cake's version, there was one thing that stood out from Lady M's mille crepes; the thicker layer of light pastry cream in between each piece of skin-thin crepe (there were twenty of those crepes, if you need to know).

Taste wise, i was primarily taken aback by the yummy lusciousness yet delicately scented vanilla paste with that irresistible hint of caramelised sugar!

It was only towards the end that i concluded that there was simply too much cream and i would very much prefer the more 'solid' texture by Classic Cake's mille crepes.

Green Tea Mille Crepes
I am deferring my comment to the Great Kon since i have never been a fan of green tea related foodstuff and in his professional judgment (as the main instigator for most, if not all, of our food expeditions), this would be very well-liked by green tea lovers.

For me, the tardiness and bitterness of green tea put me off. Likewise with the signature mille crepes, there was way too much cream and if you take too long, it would melt; making it extremely depressing to enjoy it further.

Strawberry Shortcake
When i talked to friends about strawberry shortcake, the ones at Gobi Dessert never failed to pop up in the conversation. Now, i would add in the one from Lady M which seemed to be more generous with strawberries! 

Tarte Aux Fruits
This was so pretty; it's hard not to get this! I admit i have had better (and maybe fresher) fruit tarts in Drips bakery but the shortbread crust in this tarte was definitely more flavorful.


No 6, Raffles Boulevard,
#02-103, Marina Square Shopping Mall


Signature Mille Crepes - $8.00
Green Tea Mille Crepes - $8.50
Strawberry Shortcake - $8.50
Tarte Aux Fruits - $10.00
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]

As above

Additional Information
Hungry for more than just dessert? Get your pick from the soups, salads and sandwiches available from the above tabletop menu.

For a relaxing afternoon after a heavy lunch, i would most likely order tea and refill the pot the moment it runs low. That should have been the case in Lady M. Unfortunately, there was no tea sachet and hence, no way for me to refill unless i order another pot. Bloody. 

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