Friday, December 06, 2013

Ipoh Railway Station, War Memorial and the Ipoh Tree @ Ipoh, Perak [Malaysia]

As we had plenty of time on our hands before checking in to the French Hotel, my parents and i decided to walk over to the Ipoh Railway Station we had already arranged for a tour to the same place the next day.

Clear blue sky, a much wanted weather condition for any photographer, could only mean one thing for my mother; the relentless exposure to bright sunlight! 

As you could guess from the subject title, i am combining three items to this post since they are located in the same compound and covered as a whole in most tours. 

Let's start with Ipoh Railway Station; built originally as a hospital (interesting) in the Neo-Classical style in late 1910s, it was converted into a railway station sometime in 1935 and is currently the main railway terminal for the Malaysian state of Perak. 

The facade may appear grand and majestic (it was actually said to be the Taj Mahal of Ipoh) but i thought the interior design was relatively plain and didn't have as much character as the old Tanjong Pagar railway station. 

For those movie buffs, it might interest you that Ipoh Railway Station was one of the filming locations for Anna and the King, a 1999 movie starring Jodie Foster and Chow Yun Fatt. 

Known as Electric Train Service (ETS), this is the most common type of train transiting along the route! 

Railway tourism has never really taken off although its popularity has been gaining momentum in recent years. For those who have the time and want to see a different side of Malaysia, please consider making the journey via the railway the next time. My only advice? Go for the more comfortable first class tickets. 

Wooden chairs displayed to make an octagon! 

It's amazing that that there can be so much contrast just by looking left and right on the bridge connecting the parallel train platforms; on one side was the historically rich old section while the other side was a quiet scene of a laid back atmosphere. 

In addition to providing railway service, the station also houses the Majestic Hotel! Given the building was previously a hospital, i am sure there would be some paranormal stories of this hotel circulating on the web! 

Time to step out for part two! 

The War Memorial right outside Ipoh Railway Station. 

Despite the humble structure, this commemorates not just the dead of the two world wars. It also honoured specifically those who died building the Thailand-Burma death railway and citizens who sacrificed their lives defending the nation in the Malayan Emergency, Indonesian Confrontation and the Re-Insurgency Period.

Lastly, anyone has any idea where the name Ipoh came from? Likewise with Malacca, Ipoh also draws its reference from a tree; the beautiful Ipoh Tree! Don't belittle it; its latex is used by indigenous groups to make poisonous darts for blowpipes! 


How to Get There
Well, i walked. But so long you are taking a tour; you would most likely be driven to these three attractions for a visit. 


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