Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A-Poh Kitchen - Branch of the Famous West Co'z Cafe [Halal] @ Clementi Block 354

It was nearing lunchtime when i picked up a call from a fellow colleague.

 The conversation was along the line of "let's go for lunch at ah-por" and although i didn't know specifically which ah por was he referring to, i said yes as i am aware he is pickier than me when it comes to food. 

Correction: it's A-Poh, not Ah Por!!!
Tsk tsk tsk. Felt a bit cheated.

That initial disappointment was arrested as i flipped to the last page of the menu. A-Por is related to West Co'z Cafe; a Halal food establishment in West Coast Plaza that i often visited when i was with the department of Political Science! 

Concept was similar and you can have your pick of economically-priced Chinese tze char dishes in an air-conditioned setting. As our lunch hour is limited, the four of us opted for the 4-6 persons set meal. 

Mix Vegetable w Seafood
This had more seafood than vegetables; a favourable proportion that i am not complaining. Even though i am more a meat / seafood person, i simply just adored the process of biting into crunchy yet fully cooked vegetables. 

Hotplate Beancurd
I never could quite understand why egg tofu can be used to replace 100% real beancurd in a beancurd dish. That aside, the chef was generous with the ingredients that included vegetables, fish cakes and even chunks of chicken meat.

Claypot Golden Chicken
Colour was much darker than the supposedly shimmering gloss we are all well accustomed to! Frankly, i like the slightly spicy marination that wasn't excessive enough to numb my taste buds. The only problem this dish faced was the toughness of the meat!

Oats Sotong
Like you, i could hardly find the squids when this was delivered to the table! The main star, however, was not the sotong. Attack the luxuriously fried oats instead! Better still, order another bowl of white rice and mix them up for that exceptional taste experience! 

H.K Steamed Sea Bass
What's the best way to eat seafood? Have it steamed so that you relish its delicious freshness, if it is fresh in the first place. This seabass we had didn't let us down with a texture so tender; my mom would have nodded with absolute approval.


Would i be back?
Yes, i will; this coming Thursday. 

Block 354, #01-223,
Clementi Avenue 2 
[behind the mosque]

As above



4-6 persons set meal - S$68.80 nett

Additional Information
A serving of rice and a glass of drink (choose from ice lemon tea, lime juice and bandung) were included for each person in the set meal. In our case, there were only four of us but we could have six servings of rice and six glasses of drink! 

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