Sunday, October 20, 2013

Paya Beach Resort - Meals for the Full Board Package @ Tioman Island [Malaysia]

As usual for any overseas beach vacation, i would always sign up for full board package so that i need not scratch my head on what to have for my stomach after a day of intensive snorkeling!

Therefore, before i post a detailed review of Paya Beach resort, my accommodation for that three days in Tioman, let me talk a bit about the food i had at Rama Rama restaurant as part of the package.

Nothing much about the decor; non air-conditioned, wooden flooring, insufficient fans to cool guests on a bloody warm day (if you are seated further away from the beach) and black irritating flies.

All the meals were buffet-style! Although there is a tendency to overeat, i prefer to have a wider selection. To put it simply, it would be hard to have everything taste horrible.

Menu appended as above. The spread was not too bad and the offerings were almost the same for the two days with very minor adjustments; for example, there was only omelette on the second day.

Their sunny side-ups were perfect with super runny yolks well loved by all egg lovers! It's a pity i didn't manage to have their French toasts. :(

The bread pudding could be better; the sausages tasted suspiciously like my favourite ones from Valley Chef while the pandan-flavoured muffin would have been addictive if it was steaming hot. 

Well, i am sticking to my conventional toasts and eggs. 

Frankly, all restaurants should display their buffet menu for all diners so that this would make it easier for diners to prioritise on what to eat first, what to eat last and the level of stomach capacity to reserve for desserts. 

I would have had much more sinful desserts but i am strangely thankful to one insect, the fly. All the desserts were wrapped in cling film to deter the flies and i went for only one round as i was one of the first few to arrive for dinner! 

Ewwww. god knows how many flies would have landed on the desserts and the salad after ten minutes! If there's one ultimate ailment i hate to have when i am travelling, it would definitely be diarrhea! 

I was thinking of a BBQ dinner similar to the one i had in Laguna Redang Island Resort which sadly didn't materialise. Generally, the dinner was alright with the exception of peppercorn beef that discharged a muddy flavour. Brown squid in peanut sauce was refreshingly good! 

There was a gentle sea breeze blowing towards me as i drank this bowl of steaming hot prawn noodles soup. So blissful even though it was a pity that the prawn didn't appear to be as fresh as those directly from the sea a few footsteps away.

Now on the sweet things; the swiss rolls were lusciously creamy, the agar agar (jelly) was addictive whereas the sponge cake was light and airy. That creme-brulee-like dessert was actually creme caramel which featured soft rather than hard caramel top and came with a dash of zesty palatability.

Menu for the second dinner, with some variation. 

I didn't have much as i had another dinner appointment with some friends i knew from my snorkeling trip. However, only the BBQ lamb shoulder stood out for its juicy tenderness. 

Once again, i could not resist the jelly! I would have taken more of the cornflakes tart if the flakes were crunchier and not loaded with excessive sugar syrup.

Whatever the review, food should not be wasted! Take a morsel from each dish so that you can try it out before taking more.


For those who didn't sign up for the full board package, the pricing was as follows: 
Breakfast - RM 15
Lunch - RM 18
Dinner - RM 33 

Additional Information
There was nothing on lunch as we were out on a snorkeling trip. Shall update that in the next few days. Look out for it! :)

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