Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pantai Paya Seafood Restaurant @ Kampong Paya [Tioman Island]

I can honestly tell you what was in my mind when i saw the above dining outfit when i disembarked from the ferry at Kampong Paya; "there is no way i am going to eat there"!

Rundown would be the best compliment i can give to the place and i always associate rundown with bad hygiene, just like many people. However, except for this deceiving picture i attached below, the place was usually crowded with hungry diners during mealtimes! 

So, both Alex and I deemed that it was necessary to dispel our fear of a possible diarrhea laden trip back to Singapore and order a few dishes on our last day in the village. 

Fu Rong Egg
I would at most classify this as an omelette you can get from egg counter in the resort's buffet breakfast. A big disappointment as i was expecting a strong tasting egg with a rich coating of wok hei.

Deep Fried Calamari in Salted Egg
That delectable aroma was so enticing yet the taste betrayed its intention; neither did it exude that savouriness signature of salted egg yolk nor did it manage to include that fragrant sweetness that would have made me like it a bit more. 

Steamed Fish
I am not a person who would go for steamed fish when i am outside the house but the owner of the restaurant was marveling about this 1.2 kilogram fish freshly caught from the sea and our dear Alex decided to place the order for it.

That's our dear Alex to you. He didn't seem to care that it was a big fish and there were just the two of us; one who has a small stomach (him) and the other one who has been trying to lose weight (me).

To give the poor fish the benefit, it was easily the freshest i have ever had and the meat was so chunky! As the saying goes, steaming the fish is the best way to gauge its freshness and this was definitely well worth the monies.

If only my mom was there to help me clean up the fish!


Kampong Paya [from the jetty, turn right]

Fu Rong Egg - RM8.00
Deep Fried Calamari - RM15.00
Steamed Fish - RM70.00

As above.

Additional Information
Ask for the wifi password! 

There was a half built structure right in front of the restaurant. I sure hope this would be its extension overlooking the splendid ocean! 

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