Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cats in Tioman Island

Sure; Tioman Island is famed for its white, sandy beaches and the surrounding water that teems with fishes of various colours and shades. But there's an animal that should also be accorded the same level of attention by Malaysia's tourism board.  

The cat; also known as feline by some and as kucing in Malaysia.

In my short three-day, two-night stay, i encountered no less than twenty different cats and this is coming from a person who was consistently out snorkeling in the ocean!

More pictures - all of them roamed around the villages like feral cats yet most of them had beautiful fur that shimmered and shone under the sunlight!  

Frankly, i thought Tioman could also be considered for promotion as a cat island. Bet this move would help to attract droves of feline lovers, specifically those who can't swim!

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