Friday, September 06, 2013

Beach Road Scissors - Cut Hainanese Curry Rice [美芝律剪刀剪咖喱饭] @ 229 Jalan Besar [Near City Square Mall]

Whenever we drove along Jalan Besar, the Great Kon was bound to pass the following comment: "We should really try this Hainanese curry rice!" We have had enough and decided to dine there last week! :P

Offering nothing but Hainanese curry rice, the shop still managed a roaring business that was obvious from the queue that never seemed to end when we were there! 

I can never get the concept of Hainanese curry rice; in my honest opinion, it is similar to the mixed vegetable rice (杂菜饭) sold in many coffee shops and food courts around the island. There is one key difference though; the number of dishes available are a lot more varied for mixed vegetable rice stalls. 

Since we are on dishes, i might as well mention that there are few notable must-haves in Hainanese curry rice; the cabbage, the braised pork, the deep fried pork cutlet (sadly, this was out of stock when Kon made the order) and of course, the curry that covered almost everything!

Other miscellaneous items can be treated as companions and not necessarily added onto the main plate. The ones we had (the lor tau pok and fish cake) were nothing to scream off and i could jolly well do without them.

Back to the main items, i was pleased to find the cabbage soft yet maintaining that satisfying crunch! The braised pork (known fondly as kong ba) lacked the fatty layers i enjoyed although the meat remained tender and flavourful. 

Curry sauce is basically the soul for the entire combination in Hainanese curry rice; this version sits well with me. The consistency was thick, creamy and didn't burn my tongue. To draw comparison to the popular one in Beo Crescent, the curry here was a tad heavier.

Whatever the case, it didn't stop my hungry stomach from sweeping everything down the throat! 


229 Jalan Besar

As above

Nearest MRT Station
Farrer Park MRT

S$18 in total. The price depends on what you order. Please check out the price list i have appended below.

Menu / Price List
As above. 

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