Thursday, August 08, 2013

Fried Hokkien Mee @ Kopitiam in Northpoint [Yishun]

My younger sister apparently has a thing for hokkien mee and this is something i found out only recently when i offered to "ta bao" (as in takeaway) the famous bedok hokkien prawn mee!

Her preference lies in the above fried prawn mee stall located in a shopping centre very near our apartment; the Kopitiam in Northpoint which would take us less than ten minutes to walk to. 

I had the chance to try it out one weekday afternoon; At S$4.50 for the minimum serving, it was a huge portion even though i would be happier to see more beehoon or thick beehoon making up most of the carbohydrates.

Ingredients wise, the chef was definitely not stingy and i had the fortune of securing oily strips of pork belly in many, if not every, scoops! He was also very generous with the yummy eggs! However, the taste fell short of my expectation for an authentic plate of hokkien prawn mee; yes, it was flavourful yet that delicious savouriness came mainly from meat stock, not prawns! 

Whatever the case, the lack of authenticity didn't stop me from cleaning up the plate. Burrrrp.....


930, Yishun Avenue 2,
#B2-10, Northpoint (within Kopitiam)

Minimum S$4.50 a plate. 

Holders of the kopitiam card can get a further 10% discount which means we pay a pretty neat price for the hokkien mee in an air conditioned food court setting! 

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