Monday, August 05, 2013

Crepes & Puffs - Your Classic Confection Desserts @ Changi Village [Singapore]

Five years ago, i would have to scratch my head a couple of times to think of an air-conditioned dessert cafe to chill out after a heavy delicious meal at Changi Village hawker centre.

Now, we have Crepes & Puffs smacked in the middle of the rustic neighbourhood well known as the gateway to the last natural haven in Singapore; Pulau Ubin! 

Menu was not incredibly extensive with only about five different fillings for crepes and a handful of puffs and cakes. A pretty good move since most if not all visitors to the village are likely to pig out at the hawker centre or in the numerous coffee shops (kopitiams) nearby.

Banana Choc Crepe
Shaped like a popiah cut in half, i would forgive you for assuming that the dark filling is pure chocolate; it was actually chocolate sponge cake!

Not that i am complaining as the bite was far more satisfying as compared to one filled with thick chocolate fudge. Furthermore, you can never go wrong with the combi of cold yet fresh banana chunks and light, fluffy chocolate sponge cake! Personally, i can forgo the crepe skin entirely and eat this naked, literally. 

Strawberry Shortcake
I cannot resist not ordering this! Gently flavoured with no shocking revelation; a simple plain old strawberry shortcake that does its job as a dessert. Period. 

Ice Chocolate
This is one beverage i am returning for! Just the right sweetness, the right consistency and especially thirst quenching on a hot day! 


Shall try their puffs next time!
In addition to my ice chocolate!

4, Changi Village,
#01-2080 [along the main road]

As above

Opening Hours
10am to 9pm
[Close on Tuesdays]

As above


Banana Choc Crepe - S$3.50
Strawberry Shortcake - S$4.50
Ice Chocolate - S$3.50
[No GST and no service charge]


  1. Thanks for sharing! now I know where I can satisfy my sweet tooth when I am there.

    1. no problem! you are nearer to bedok cheng tng leh; that's one place i continuously visit to satisfy my sweet craving. of course, different type of desserts! :P

  2. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Hi may i know how long I can keep the crepes in the fridge and it still tastes fresh?

    1. i think its best to check with the shop you bought from. Some confectioneries make it fresh; hence the best-kept period can be up to 3 days if refrigerated. Some can last for up to a week. Of course, my advice would be to eat it as soon as you can. :)


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