Sunday, August 25, 2013

Black Carrot Cake from Fu Ming Cooked Food [福明熟食] @ Block 85 Redhill Food Centre

What would you expect when even the grand old master of food blogging, Dr Leslie Tay from, gave his strong endorsement to this particular carrot cake stall at Redhill Food Centre; noting specifically that the "black carrot cake glistens with a sexy dark appeal"?

Frankly, i expected a lot and was looking forward to breaking my recent bad cycle of hardly impressive black carrot cake from numerous stalls in Singapore. While waiting for the carrot cake to be ready, i had to keep swallowing my saliva; would this be "the one"? 

No, i am afraid it's not. =_=|||

It was comparable with what i had at Toa Payoh Lorong 8 Hawker Centre except that it was saltier and likely to appeal to the elderly generation that makes up a significant population in the redhill estate. Other than that, i am sure this is hardly deserving of the 4.5/5 rating.

Of course, as i have always emphasised, taste differs from one person to another and there's still the remote chance that things would just screw up occasionally. 

As for the "glistening with a sexy dark appeal", i think a picture says a thousand words. I have included two above and you shall make the necessary judgment call.



Block 85, Redhill Lane,
#01-49, Redhill Food Centre 

Minimum S$2 a serving
I ordered for S$3

Additional Information
Although Fu Ming has the support from, it was another carrot cake stall within the same food centre that had a longer queue. Guess i have to be back again to try out this 'delicious fried carrot cake'! 


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