Monday, July 08, 2013

The Best Tea Leaves Egg (茶葉蛋) at Genting Highlands [First World Hotel]! - Purple Cane Tea Art Centre

Whenever someone brings up the topic of tea leaves eggs, my mind would involuntarily wonder off to Genting Highlands, where the cool weather makes it extremely comforting to savour the scalding hot hard boiled eggs. 

Problem is that there are many shops selling tea leaves eggs in Genting and most of them could not even fulfill the basic condition of a tea leaves egg; the high density of tea infusion which would greatly differentiate a tea leaves egg from a normal hardboiled egg!

So far, only one managed to meet the standard -  Purple Cane Tea Art Centre. 

Throughout the years, their tea leave eggs have maintained a consistently high level of standard; delicious with a noticeable tea fragrance and tasted rich of spices (Cinnamon, Star Anise etc)! Unlike other stalls that are out to make unscrupulous profits, the eggs in Purple Cane didn't feel like they have been re-cooked, re-boiled over and over again! 

There are health benefits to eating tea leaves eggs! Ingesting them is said to help in whetting one's appetite, dispersing alcohol and tonifying the liver. No matter what, please remember that moderation is always the key word for any health promoting product. 


Lot F/L 2A.27, Level T2A, 
First World Hotel, Genting Highlands 

RM 7 for 5 Eggs



  1. I have frequently walked past this shop! But never try their tea leaves egg before

    1. Consider it e next time! i regretted not buying the sweet potatoes!! :(


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