Saturday, July 27, 2013

Olidfy 2 by - Speed Up the Ageing Process!

Ageing - growing old is a natural process in human life although many of us could not accept the reality, and would try all sorts of methods (orthodox or otherwise) to retain or revert to our youthful state. 

Therefore, i was assuming that the above iPhone application (heard it is on android too) would not be as popular as its terrifying 'Vampify' sibling. I am actually incorrect in my assumption; the app gained quite a strong following and there must be only one reason. 

To see the aged face of a friend or family member and to laugh heartily after that! In case you are wondering, the ah-ma in the picture is my elder sister who has always received compliments of appearing to be the youngest among us three siblings! 

No present for guessing who this smiling ah chek is! 

An option in the app allows the grouchy me to record a message, complete with animated expressions typical of an elderly person and then save it as a video file. Imagine playing it back in my twilight years! Those flashbacks would be so memorable!! 

You can also choose to age twenty, forty and up to sixty years in the free version! Pay a nominal fee to gain access to an additional century of pain, suffering and wrinkles. 

Alex, the sporty one, agreed to be the model showing the different phases in life; above is the future him with an extra twenty years to his boyish look. 

Him again, at the supposed age of sixty eight years old when he would have experienced life in its good and bad, bringing him relentless worries and also unmeasured happiness. 

Oh my god! I can so imagine him looking like this sixty years later; sitting with one leg on the chair, digging his nose and spitting anywhere he desires!

Fun? So what are you waiting for?
Download the app and enjoy the ageing process! 


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