Monday, June 10, 2013

PC Show 2013 - Another Techie Pasar Malam!

Over the years, it's becoming obvious that the quarterly tech fair in its various naming abbreviated formats (PC Show, IT Show, Comex and Sitex) has become a magnet for bargain hunters. 

I am no exception when it comes to getting the best deal and to be totally honest, i would hold back from buying any IT product until the tech fair season.

The above should sufficiently explain why i was at PC Show 2013 yesterday. 

Although it was held at Singapore Expo this time, a farfetched location compared to the usual Suntec City in downtown Singapore, the crowd continued to be strong! Wait, wait, wait; the above picture was taken before i even entered the humongous Singapore Expo. 

This (as in above) was the actual scene within the PC Show itself. 

Researching the products you want is key to securing the best deal and i would strongly suggest as a starting point. It has a dedicated section for the tech shows and would include brochures from majority of the vendors! 

Having said that, there could be additional promotions at the tech show, especially on the last day. That's when you would see many handmade placards branded with more freebies or further reduction in prices! 

More often than not, you would get really attractive rates for laptops, desktops, digital cameras and printers. Unlike professional IT shows in other countries, it's rare to hear announcement of new launches, inventions or innovative products here in Singapore.

You would, however, see booth selling magazines subscriptions and many banks mobilising their roadshow teams to market credit cards and credit facilities. 

Even household products can be found here! How epic is that!? And i remember seeing these products for sale in the marketplace near my house! 

Did i also mention that the mobile and internet operators would offer unbeatable bundles during this time?! At this moment, people are signing up for fibre broadband which would offer unmatched online speed! 

To be fair, this booth caught my attention with its sale of spy cameras and even mini spy camera detector! The latter would be most helpful for those promiscuous individuals or couples who could not do "it" at home because "family members are around". 

One thing that tech shows always generate; litter!

After typing for so long, i have not gotten into the topic of what i want to buy for myself in PC Show 2013. Purchasing a laptop would be out of the question since i have always been a "desktop" person. 

A spanking new DSLR to replace my Nikon D5000 would be desirable but surprise surprise, the tech fair organised by Audio House the week before was selling it at a better price with an extra 70-300mm lens thrown in! Bloody!

Hint: the above.

Yes, i needed a new hard disk for my photographs and i figured it would be a good time to have some sort of back-up for my precious data! Western Digital is strongly preferred! 

As for my new DSLR (aiming for a Nikon D7100), guess i have to wait for the next show; Comex 2013 from 05 to 08 September at Singapore Expo Hall 5 and 6.

Until then, adios! 

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