Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Country Waffle Set (with Two Scoops of Ice Cream) @ Marble Slab Creamery (112 Katong Mall)

Tagged with a price tag of S$13.80, i am not sure if i would be willing to fork out that much money for a piece of waffle with two scoops of premium ice cream. 

In the past, i am sure it would not be an issue but after going through a 3-month rest where i have to keep my expenses in check, dollar for dollar, cent for cent, i came to the conclusion (like finally) that constant splurging on expensive food is not a viable option for persons not drawing a high salary.  

Anyway, Vanessa secured a damn good deal for the same country waffle set via Qoo10! At only S$6.90, it was heavily discounted at 50% off the listed price! And she bought two just to pamper the boys in the Gang of Four! Awwww so sweet right?

Cool mint on one side and mango alphonso on the other - the mint ice cream was a tad average and didn't wow our senses as much as the minty mint at The Daily Scoop. The same goes for the mango as well; it served its purpose as a cooling agent in the hot weather but on a comparison table, i have had better ones. 

On the other waffle was two scoops of similarly coloured ice cream (well, they fall somewhere near the red right); red velvet cake and cotton candy. Let's begin with the red velvet; a nice hybrid comprising of both chocolate and cheese despite the gaudy red tint. 

Cotton candy was my favourite that day! It was the creamiest with a taste reminding me that i need to stock up on Meiji strawberry milk and maybe because of the name, i felt extremely cheered up as if i have returned to the past as a child; walking in a funfair while holding on to a fluffy stick of pink cotton candy. 

Now to the main star - the waffle. The initial bite was quite good; the dough was not terribly thick like many other ice cream parlours with a light crisp that i personally enjoyed for my waffle. What turned me off was the bitter aftertaste of the batter! 

Thank god for the free wet topping that helped to mask the bitterness; the almighty maple syrup.


112 East Coast Rd 
#B1-25 [112 Katong Mall]

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