Sunday, February 03, 2013

Skewers of Hot Goodness @ Chin Swee Temple [Genting Highlands]

Buddhists don't eat meat; a fact known to many. 

Yet tucked along the walkway that leads to the pagoda in Chin Swee Temple is a shop that offers food like hotdogs, fishballs, crabstick etc on wooden skewers! 

Our minds were not thinking straight that day. The cool weather at Genting Highlands was instinctively telling our brains how comfortable it would be to have these hot stuff in our mouth! 

I guess that could rightly explain why gluttons can never achieve the ultimate Nirvana state often talked about in Buddhism. Hell, just the mere sight of food bubbling in a pot of hot oil was sufficient to excite my saliva glands! 

Anyway, choose from four types of sauce to dress the finished products and you are good to dig in. 

By all accounts, we enjoyed all the freshly fried stuff we picked and there wasn't a single word of discontent from the Gang of Four even though we all agreed the weather played an equally important role here. 

No matter what, the food was good enough to warrant another order! 


Along the walkway towards Thousand-Buddha Pagoda
Chin Swee Temple, Genting Highlands

Only RM 2.00 per skewer! 


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