Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Flower Dome [花穹] at Night @ Gardens by the Bay, Bay South

I was contemplating if i should just give up on writing this entry since the Christmas decorations at the Flower Field would have already been removed for the upcoming Chinese new year.

After giving it much thought; my brain told me to go ahead since this is going to be a general topic of the flower dome at night and not specifically on the thematic events of the conservatory. 

First and foremost, first time visitors to the flower dome should never attempt to visit it in the evening when the sun has set. 

The reason is simple; the lack of substantial light makes it difficult for you to truly appreciate the beauty of the place.

Even the thousands of glass panels high above fail to make an impression despite being imposing when i went to the flower dome earlier in the morning that day. 

Attempts were made to mystify the surroundings; creating an atmosphere that can only be described as eerie when there was barely anyone walking beside me. 

The saving grace was the Flower Field. 

Decked out in Christmas decorations, statues and lighting; it managed to build up a festive ambience together with the cooler temperature in the dome. 

In this case, the absence of sunlight (or harsh light) was essential. 

Unlike the exit walkway at Cloud Forest, kids would definitely enjoy the interactive educational displays that teach us to think twice before destroying the home of plants and animals for the sake of human development (this seems to contradict the stand taken by the government recently).

What i particularly enjoyed at the exit gallery was the hybrid television displays that incorporate physical 3D props! 

View the following pictures that reflect the life cycle and resilience of the baobabs even when they are situated in a harsh environment constantly hit with drought and bush-fires. 


For detailed information, including ticketing, directions, operation hours, please visit

Get a stamp on your arm before you exit the dome so that you can re-enter the flower dome on the same day. As i mentioned before, go in the morning and return at night to make full use of your ticket. :)

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