Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sa-nook Thai Honey Chicken Set @ Thai Express [Kovan Heartland Mall]

I have always emphasised that it is not worth your money to have Thai cuisine in Singapore. Authenticity is of question (although i am never one to follow that strictly) and you are paying a super high premium for it!

"Take a plane" - that's what i often tell people. Bangkok is only three hours away by plane and you can indulge in all the Thai food you want at a small fraction of what you pay in Singapore.

So, it doesn't make sense to see me dining in Thai Express at Kovan Mall a few weeks ago. Oh well, there were some ongoing promotions for set lunches and i thought initially that my younger sister was treating. 

Sa-nook Thai Honey Chicken Set - At S$8.90 for a main, side and dessert, this would be considered as one worth it deal even though once you add in the GST and Service Charge, it would cross the S$10 mark. 

[Main] Thai Honey Chicken with Thai Horm Mali Rice - the saccharine marinated chicken tasted nice in the beginning. Unfortunately, the taste waned from the second bite as it was obvious that the chicken had yet to absorb the full flavour of the marination. 

[Side] Green Curry Chicken Balls - don't expect a meaty filling! Mushy with a sourish spicy tinge to the tongue, i am only grateful that there was a saucer of Thai sweet chilli sauce. If only i have a packet of French fries to clean up the leftover chilli sauce.

[Dessert] Milk Sago with Thai Red Atap Seed - texture was too thick and gooey for my liking. Taste wise, it was nothing to scream about but i would have preferred it with shaved ice! 


This second visit to Thai Express didn't help to make my impression of the restaurant better and i should have insisted to dine at the hawker centre right outside the mall. 

I would, however, like to add that service was fantastic [the waiter was ever so patient and kind even though my niece kept throwing the food all over the table and floor]! 

And we didn't have to pay extra for plain water!

Block 205, Hougang Street 21,
Level 1 Heartland Mall 
[Next to Kovan MRT Station]


Sa-nook Thai Honey Chicken Set - S$8.90
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]

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