Sunday, January 06, 2013

Heng Long Bak Chor Mee [兴隆肉脞面] - A Fateful Meetup with a Long Lost Friend @ Yishun Block 285

The first piece of good news for 2013 is not job related but i am still ecstatic to bump into a long lost friend from my secondary school days! 

Fate brought me to block 285 in Yishun; my original intention for breakfast was actually Chong Pang hawker centre. However, it was impossible to find a carpark lot and my dad suggested a coffeeshop that is way outside my radar.

This friend was coincidentally helping out his hubby, who has a stall selling bak chor mee, laksa, lor mee and fishball noodles, that morning! Before i knew it, this bowl of bak chor mee was already on my table! 

I admit i am not a big fan of bak chor mee and find them to be overdosed with vinegar, which often more than not, affects the enjoyment i had with the strands of noodles. 

The sincere goodwill of a friend should not be wasted though. 

As if she knew my aversion for sourness, the noodles tasted only mildly vinegarish and i could not stop commenting to my dad the generous serving of minced pork (and my yummish pork lard)! 

Noodles wise; the mee pok appeared thicker with a slightly different texture as well; hm.... to think about it, they seemed similar to the handmade noodles used in ban mian. 

Nonetheless, despite already having wanton noodles (which i ordered before i bumped into my friend), i forsake the risk of weight gain and totally enjoyed the bak chor mee from this long lost friend. 


Block 285, Yishun Avenue 6,
#01-10, Yun Huon Eating House

S$3 for a bowl of bak chor mee.

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