Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Followup to "Side Mirror Is In Trouble Again"

I am going to cut the story short here; for those who are not aware what has happened, you may refer to my first posting on the latest injury affecting my car a few days ago.

The taxi driver, Mr Tan, denied his guilt to the end but was willing to compensate me given that there is a witness. A quotation of S$200-300 was given by the workshop to replace the side mirrors and we both agreed that S$250 would be a fair price. 

Since the motor insurance policy dictates that a claim must be made within 24 hours, we came to an understanding that the fund transfer must be completed as soon as possible! And the trustworthy man did transfer me the money by 12 noon.

I fully understand the purpose of the message; to absolve his responsibility for any future claim arising from the recent accident. However, may i know what does turturro mean?

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