Friday, October 26, 2012

Tokens of Appreciation from - Two Tubs of Chef Tony's Gourmet Popcorn!

To be frank, i wasn't ecstatic to receive the above message in my Facebook account as i am worried that this would likely spin off into an advertorial request which i am not interested in doing for this blog.

The principle might change in the future but as of this moment, i still hold on to the belief that i blog purely based on interest or on products and services i purchased using my own money!

However, our dear Xavier was insistent to pass me a token of appreciation, courtesy of his company, for my post on Chef Tony's popcorn early this year. I was curious and hence decided to collect the token personally today from the Marina Square branch despite his kind suggestion to deliver it to me!

For those who are unaware, you can find eight different flavours of Chef Tony's in Singapore, including one that is Sugar Free! My favourite remains to be Creamy Parmesan although it is a close fight with another delicious flavour; the Belgian Butter. 

These pieces of Belgian Butter popcorn were certainly less cheesy but as i bit down the middle of the crisp and puffy corn kernel, it released a rich, buttery fragrance that made it close to impossible for me to stop munching!!!

Anyway, the 'token' happened to be two small tubs of popcorn for which i am given the option to choose the flavours i wanted. Guess what i chose? Definitely the Creamy Parmesan and the Belgian Butter! 

Now's the good news - one tub was given to my little cousin who has yet to try the epic popcorn from Chef Tony's while for the other tub, i am going to give it (FOR FREE) to one of my readers!

Here's what you need to do;

(1) Compose a new email,
(2) Indicate in the Subject Title: "I want Chef Tony's Popcorn",
(3) Include your name in the email and,
(4) Send the email to

Simple right?! The lucky reader would be picked randomly two weeks from today [9 November 2012] and i would deliver the Belgian Butter popcorn to your house (if you live near me), meet you somewhere to pass it to you or post it to you (i would bear the postage)! 

Given that i am a poor man (and postage fees can be expensive), this lucky draw is unfortunately only limited to Singapore-based readers. I greatly appreciate your understanding on this! 


For those who wish to try out other flavours, you may find the address of outlets that sell Chef Tony's in the above picture. Alternatively, you can even request for home deliveries to satisfy that popcorn craving of yours! 

For my first post on Chef Tony's Creamy Parmesan popcorn, please click HERE

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