Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Food (Eating on the Street) - Singapore Living Galleries @ Singapore National Museum

Social conversations with any true blue Singaporean would likely involve food. Let's face it; we are blessed with a huge variety of food given the multi-racial society we live in!

Therefore, it is hardly surprisingly to find a permanent gallery specially dedicated to the dirty yet vibrant street food culture of Singapore right here in her national museum.

Most of what we are seeing in this gallery can no longer be found in Singapore; at least not in the legal sense. However, the exhibits brought back many happy memories for my dad who has gone through the era of eating on the streets.

I had no problem identifying the food associated with these artefacts; satay! For those who are unaware, you can refer to the large display panels that explain what the food is, its history, the ingredients involved and at times, interesting facts!

For example - Hokkien hawkers selling Bak Ku Teh would only do so in the morning before switching to Hokkien Mee in the afternoon! 

The above exhibits are related to a popular Indian food; the roti prata! I shall spare you the details as you should seriously pay the gallrey a visit and gain insightful information about Singapore's food culture! 

One of my favourites; char kway teow. In the past, the most common fuel was charcoal and many people from the older generation would always insist that charcoal-fuelled food taste the best. 

This was the section where visitors can read more about the ingredients we use in food and in some cases, smell them. It would be fine for foreign visitors to smell stuff like cinnamon, lychee although i am not so sure about durians. 

Hand moulds that are used (even till these days) to make mooncakes and kuehs like ang ku kueh! I remember the clamp-like forceps well as my extended family used to make loads of love letter biscuits before Chinese New Year back in our kampong days!

It's always so nice to relive happy childhood memories. 
Especially as i get older and older.


93 Stamford Road

Nearest MRT Station
Bras Basah [Circle Line]

Visit for information like ticketing charges.

Additional Information
Free admission for the four living galleries from 6pm-8pm daily!

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