Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ominous Sign? @ Hanging Incense Burner

The infamous Chinese hungry ghost month starts officially this Friday and it's reasonable for me to feel that something was amiss when i perpetually felt something tiny flying past me every night near the hanging incense burner outside my flat.

It was only upon a closer look that i realized a colony of black flying insects have taken such a strong liking to the red pompous ribbon tied around the burner; they have decided to make it their bed!

I was sharing with my sister if it is a sign of the impending haunted ghost month (since the burner is supposedly a religious object) and that i am going to experience once again what happened two years back [read here for more info].

There's no better person to ask but the queen of superstition religious rites and traditions; who happened to be my mother!

According to her, these longish insects (seems like they were black wasps) are signs of household safety and bear no harm to the occupants.

Now, that's a BIG relief!
*though i am still excited about this Friday*

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