Thursday, August 30, 2012

Magic Wingdom - An Innovative, Addictive Game for iPhone

Some things that are free may actually come with a price. 

For example, this Magic Wingdom i downloaded for free using the App Store resulted in me spending endless hours on the trains and on my bed; the price of time! 

The game play is really simple; use your finger to connect moving eggs of the same colour. Points (which would help you to level up) would be generated and the eggs will be cleared off the screen. 

A power-up or golden coin (the blue diamond is equivalent to three coins) is given as a reward for a successful link of at least three same-coloured eggs. 

These power-ups (there are three types and my favourite is the fire ball!) would help you immensely in clearing the chaotic arena filled with many rolling eggs while the accumulation of coins is used for another purpose off the main game. 

One boost point is given for every experience leveling and this would allow you to purchase essential boosts for extra life, more coins, double score and increase the power of the power-ups! 

The game officially ends when two eggs of a different colour hit one another in their endless yet desperate crusade to roll all over the place. 

Playing this would have been an easy feat if not for the irritating eggs that continue to roll out in greater quantities and faster speed as you advance to the next level!!

Coming to the coins - they are used to buy items to build up your wingdom (known otherwise as the badly named show yards) and complete mini-quests for bonuses on the main arenas.

These show yards (there are four of them) do not fulfill much of what i call a game but they do have star ratings (a maximum of three stars) that compel the competitive streak in me to do my best to max them out!

On a related note; my top score for Arena 3 is 316,683! 
Try to beat that!! 


Download from App Store
It should be chargeable by now! 

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