Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Special Chashao Lao Mian (特制叉烧捞面) & Sweet Sauce Fried Tofu (家常豆腐) @ Chopsticks by The Asian Kitchen (亚洲小厨), Iluma Bugis

Mom has heard so much from Alex about the roasted chicken rice in The Asian Kitchen (TAC) that it is imperative to bring her for a tasting session one day.

We need not wait too long as Mom frequently visits the nearby Guanyin Temple along Waterloo Street and i am THE designated driver for her almost weekly visit to the temples.

The mala roasted chicken rice was a definitie order although i eventually decided on a lao mian (some sort of a mixed noodles) due to a noodles craving that day.

Without further ado, let's begin with the review of the special chashao lao mian and the sweet sauce fried tofu (a side order).

Sweet Sauce Fried Tofu
Anything with sweet sauce topped with fragrant peanut bits is rarely bad in my opinion and in this case, the sweet sauce fried tofu was great to have when it was delivered to you straight after its bath in the super hot oil.

To be honest, it did taste similar to the fried tofu we could get easily from wu xiang stalls located in hawker centres. You just need to request for the gooey sweet sauce (with sprinklers of peanut bits) and it would cost you a fraction of the cost we paid in TAC.

Special Chashao La Mian
It is impossible not to emit loud slurping noises when i ate the noodles! Unfortunately, it adopted the style of adding vinegar; a sauce i don't enjoy in normal circumstances except when it involves xiaolongbao.

The glistening, pretty fatty char siew was good but as usual, i have to draw comparison with Kay Lee, which obviously wins! Anyone has any good recommendation for cha shao in Singapore?

Nonetheless, although it could do with more charred bits, the flavour was robust enough to set it apart from normal competitors that offer chashao.


Mom was disappointed with her mala chicken rice as she was given the drier chicken breast parts!

Chopsticks by The Asian Kitchen
201, Victoria Street,
#04-07, Iluma

Sweet Sauce Fried Tofu - S$4.70
Special Chashao La Mian - S$7.00
Subject to GST and Service Charge

Additional Information
For my review on the roasted chicken rice in TAC, please click HERE.

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